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Welcome to the physidigi blog, the place to keep up to date with all the latest goings on.

This year’s winner of the physidigi prize is a young rock band from Tavistock – Ten Zero One  . A prize worth up to £450 we’ll create their band page with track download and merchandise up to the value of £200 which triggers their content. 

physidigi's CEO Dear Diary : you see I was keen to get to my first Digital Exeter meetup which meant 1. Relaxing 2. Smiling & listening  3. Puppy walking 4. Cooking and getting table to dinner all had to be achieved in a 2 hour window…

RémyMartin are introducing their new ‘connected’ bottle to the Chinese market in Autumn 2015.

An NFC chip manufactured by Selinko hidden in the lid of the bottle omits an OPENED signal when the bottle is opened. Buyers in shops and clubs can use the Remy Martin app on their smartphone tapped to the bottle lid to confirm whether or not the bottle they're buying is genuine and tamper free.

38 of Bristol's SETsquared ventures mingle with Investors, Non Exec Directors and Corporate Clients. Nick Sturge rounds up the SET's success for the year, OVO Energy's Digital Honcho introduces us to the tree house and tropics in their atrium, Emma Jones from Enterprise Nation gives her top tips for start up success and 10 of the Ventures line up to Pitch Battle.

I like to be asked ‘Where did the idea for physidigi start?’

For me the drive behind physidigi today remains the same as the catalyst that sparked it.

For us the objective was to get our digital product, an app about an extremely interesting but let’s face it, relative unknown in front of the people that were most likely to buy it. To do this we had to make digital, visible.

Focusing on Technology within the Creative Industries Pitch@Palace 3.0 takes place today - 23rd March, 2015 - sadly we didn't make it through to join the final 15 as they take to the stage.. but we wish those that did the very best as they take to the podium tonight!

We hadn't planned to put a site up just yet. We have an ultimate vision for physidigi and although we're on the right track, the track stretches as far as the horizon. But then, what happens is, you talk about what your startups doing, and talking leads to introductions and then some of those introductions start to feel warm and friendly and they decide to take a closer look. This is when you go, quick we need something out there.

' SETsquared the safest place to grow a business ' - often tag lines get overlooked, sometimes the nicer the flow, the easier the mind goes yeah I get that and doesn’t take time to reflect on what it means.

Six months down the line. I really understand the value of this tag boils down to an invisible force field that adds a Jedi layer of protection.

Be seamless. Be cool.

Your digitally savvy audience is connected on the move, short on time and longs for stuff to just be easy.


Give them a frictionless experience with tap to trigger content.


A seamless in browser connection, side stepping any app or platform hassle. 

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