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Remy Martin - image courtesy of YouTube : Remy Martin  CLUB connected Bottle
Remy Martin - image courtesy of YouTube : Remy Martin CLUB connected Bottle

A smart bottle that takes the idea of a tamper seal to a new level.

Fuelled by the rise in high and middle end branded liquor popular with China’s affluent middle classes. China has become a hot spot for counter fit branded spirits.

In response to the problem Rémy Martin are introducing their new ‘connected’ bottle to the Chinese market in Autumn 2015.

An NFC chip manufactured by Selinko hidden in the lid of the bottle omits an OPENED signal when the bottle is opened. Buyers in shops and clubs can use the Rémy Martin app on their smartphone tapped to the bottle lid to confirm whether or not the bottle they're buying is genuine and tamper free.

In addition to validating the $100 + connected bottles are genuine, the app gives the brand a chance to continue on the engagement with the buyer through competitions and purchase loyalty points.

Whilst NFC technology in this use case is an obvious fit – the NFC chip offers both the functionality to detect a change in state, whilst at the same time offering a smooth user experience. The NFC choice is interesting given the rising dominance of the iphone in 2015 in the Chinese market. As although the iphone 6 has an NFC reader, at present it’s functionality is locked down to ApplePay and is not able to be used by third party apps.

So is this a sign, that just like us and others, Rémy Martin believe it’s only a matter of time until the iphone gets NFC smart ?!

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