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Schools out for summer - courtesy of Jordan McQueen on Snapwire

I remember the feeling of walking out the school gate feeling as free as bird with an almost incomprehensible long stretch of weeks ahead. Bathed in sunshine and a feeling of space and time to do whatever summer might bring. 

I have three children and this year it was the middle one’s turn to take a right of passage as she walked out of primary school gates for the last time. After a week of SATS results, a school report that provoked tears of pride, school plays, a Hawaiian themed leaving party and a last day leavers assembly – it’s not just the teachers and the kids that are done for, it’s emotional (and time heavy!) for parents too.

As they came through the door loaded down with a years’ worth of books, art work and fluff and crumbs from their school tray (that quite frankly I do not want in the house) I listened and smiled and tried to join their vibe of one of the best days of the year. Without letting on that I was on my own time agenda; there was the puppy to walk and chicken and potato wedges to cook -  you see I was keen to get to my first Digital Exeter meetup which meant 1. Relaxing 2. Smiling & listening  3. Puppy walking 4. Cooking and getting table to dinner all had to be achieved in a 2 hour window.

As I skated out the door at 6:30 pm leaving then chomping on chicken knowing I would be crossing their dad on the A30  - the well know telepathic childcare handover common with working parents – I was pleased I was only going to be 10 minutes late. I had revelled in, and celebrated their schools out for summer for 2 hours and there’d been no stress. Tick.

As for Digital Exeter. Well I learnt it’s not a 7pm for 7:30pm start. It’s a 7pm start that starts at Devon time – which actually correlates to about at 7:45pm start. (Useful to know for next time how much wiggle room I have). I learnt there a lovely friendly bunch and actually sitting down with a glass of wine learning from Simon Swan, the Met Office Digital Marketing Officer and the real people that run successful # accounts (#devonhour #tedXexeter #innochat) was spot on for my current focus of creating and getting the stratergy right for physidigi’s content. I also learnt pick one # to rule all – so what’s mine ? #schoolsoutforsummer of course!

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Okay so this is still actually me, Charlotte - but this is me spouting about the trials, tribulations and triumphs of our startup journey as a mum, wife and woman who wants the best outcome for everyone.

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