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Mary Curzon physidigi bookmarks
The Mary Curzon app poised to be sold through beautiful physidigi bookmarks.
physidigi media lets people access content in one tap.
No searching or sponsored ad's to throw them off course. No url's to type or frustrating QR codes to capture.
Bringing audiences and customers direct to you, making their transition between offline and online seamless.

Selling & promoting digital media - this is how physidigi started...

Bow Software had built a great app, that let people journey through a life of a celebrity. However, though famous in 1899, today our character was little known. To sell our app we needed to it be SEEN, and we needed to catch our target audience at the point where their interest was peaked - for us that was in the exhibition gift shop. But how could we sell an app in a gift shop ?

We came up with beautiful themed bookmarks and we encoded them to download the app from the app store when tapped with a NFC enabled mobile device.

Bingo! We were capturing our target audience when their interest was peaked. The musuem were happy as they had a way of selling digital content. Visitors were happy as they had something to take home, to find out more and to share with friends who couldn't be there on the day. 

We'd love to make YOU and YOUR customers happy - drop us a line to see what we can do!

Reach your digital audience in new places ..

.. restaurant tables, airports, undergrounds & skate parks. 


physidigi creates indoor and outdoor promotional campaigns that link audiences to you in a simple tap.


Remove the barriers and watch how engagement levels go up.

Are you a pioneer?

physidigi media is looking for pioneering commercial adopters, looking to bridge online and real world experiences. 


We're only a click away

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