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physidigi makes making digital music visible & tactile. Fun to wear & frictionless to share. This is a physical digital sound.

Band tshirts, gig tickets, festival memorabilia which trigger awesome sounds & video. The physidigi platform will soon enable artists, labels and venues to create their online music page and order branded products that will trigger their stuff. But why wait till then, be an early adopter and let us do the work for you! 

What does physidigi sound offer:-
  • A novel way for artists/ labels to sell their music

  • Opens up the sale of digital music to real world spaces

  • Removes the algorithms - makes online music visible & discoverable

  • Raises the value of digital music

  • Merchandise which is collectable and treasured

  • Dynamic – update the digital content and push it out to products already in circulation

  • Intrigue; defintly a talking point and a new PR angle

  • In browser content – no proprietary apps to download or update

  • Analytics – channel and download product tracking.


Be seamless. Be cool.

Your digitally savvy audience is connected on the move, short on time and longs for stuff to just be easy.


Give them a frictionless experience with tap to trigger content.


A seamless in browser connection, side stepping any app or platform hassle. 

Are you a pioneer?

physidigi sound is looking for pioneering adopters in the music industry looking to reach their digital music fans in a new way.


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