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physidigi is a physical form for ebooks, apps, music and digital media that can be seen, touched and shared.  

We use invisible NFC technology to trigger digital content, turning everyday things .. tshirts, tickets, toys .. into intriguing physical, digital products that can be SEEN & HELD. TALKED ABOUT & SHARED.

Just tap the product to reveal the content. It's so smooth - it's like an invisible magic !

This is how it works ..

Be seamless. Be cool.

Your digitally savvy audience is connected on the move, short on time and longs for stuff to just be easy.


Give them a frictionless experience with tap to trigger content.


A seamless in browser connection, side stepping any app or platform hassle. 

Flexible campaigns

Whether you want people to share your stuff and help it go viral. Or only download it once or during a specific period of time. The availability and download criteria of physidigi products are tailored to your campaign.


You can even flex these settings at any point in the campaign - by extending it or even changing the content it triggers. 

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